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Welcome to Alida and Leah's Cancer Quest fundraiser
Thank you for coming alongside me and supporting my efforts in helping the Alberta Cancer Foundation bring the latest discoveries right here to our province, delivering faster results to Alberta’s cancer patients. Every dollar raised directly supports Albertans facing cancer, so please consider making a donation to this very important cause.

On behalf of the 43 Albertans who hear the words “you have cancer” everyday, thank you helping me accelerate change and for honouring Alberta’s cancer patients with your generous gift.

Alida and Leah were talking to each other one day at school about how they could help those with cancer and take action.

Both Alida and Leah have been affected by cancer with close family members and friends of family who have either battled cancer or who sadly have lost their lives to cancer. Alida has a Grandma with stage 4 colon cancer, her God parent is supporting a mother with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and witnessed a close family friend of her parents who battled and is a survivor of breast cancer. Leah had a close family friend of her mom's lose her battle with breast cancer a few years ago.  

Feeling empathy for all and wanting to help the girls wanted to take action. Through supportive parents, and teachers at Prairie Waters Elementary School, Alida and Leah created "Alida and Leah's Cancer Quest".

The girls explored various fundraisers to join however they wanted their money to stretch as far as it could go and impact all types of cancer not just one. They decided to join forces with the Alberta Cancer Foundation after interviewing them and having ACF answer a variety of questions such as; Where does the money go? How much money goes to cancer? What inspired you to do this job? What are the stages of cancer and what do they mean? What is needed most right now for cancer patients? And a great deal more that they thought of themselves. After being satisfied with the responses and learning the various places they could put their money, Alida and Leah decided on donating raised funds to Cancer Research. 

On March 19th at 12:30pm Alida and Leah are putting on an assembly at Prairie Waters Elementary School. They want to share with students and their community what they have learned, how to take action and make an impact. Alida is shaving her head in an attempt to raise more money for research and Leah is dying her hair bright green!  They have actively engaged other kids in the school and formed a cancer club. Through this club they have organized a bake sale at their school on February 28th, & March 1st as well as a Loonie Drive March 11-15th. They even have some teachers who may shave their head and Alida's Oma has agreed to shave her head as well! 

Alida and Leah know that there are millions of Canadians affected by cancer each year. In their words, "it just sucks!"and they want to help. They believe, "kids can do anything they put their minds to and anyone can take action". These girls are motivated! 

Please help them to reach their goal and pledge your support today!

Thank you to Prairie Waters Elementary School and especially Janet Chapman and the Cancer Club for their support.  

Together we will conquer cancer! 


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29/04/2019You two have done an awesome job! Congratulations.Joan's cousin Bill Chennells
22/03/2019Hi alida and Leah hope you feel much better about your grandma and the cancer thingy and nice job being brave of shaving your hairShahana jiwà
20/03/2019Hi Leah Grandma Vicki told me about your campaign. Your Great Grandmother Lilian Snell had bowel cancer. Cancer touches almost every family. So so proud of you girls . Great aunt angie. Great BritainGreat aunt angie
15/03/2019Amazing work young ladies, you are raising money and awareness for a cause that has touched every family in some way. You have motivated the Grade 1's to understand and assist with fundraising.. Your work inspired my grade 1 son to donate his piggy bank money and tooth fairy money to this fundraising campaign. Great work. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.Anonymous
28/02/2019I am so unbelievably proud of these two young ladies. You are truly and inspiration!Leela Sharon Aheer
15/02/2019Fantastic job, young ladies! You have reached your goal already and there is much more to come! Well done! Hugs from your "other" Oma and Opa!Peter and Glenna Vanderlinden
08/02/2019We are so proud of you girls. You're amazing keep up the good workOpa and oma
06/02/2019Way to go you guys⭐️⭐️⭐️! Almost to your goal and you just started, I’m so proud of both of you.Dad
03/02/2019Alida - I am so very proud of you, not only are you the sweetest little neighbor anyone could have, you have the kindest heart. We too have been affected by Cancer in a huge way, I love what you are doing hun.Shelley Fink
02/02/2019We are so proud of you girls! You are an inspiration to us all. XoxoAuntie Denise. And Uncle John
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